Knack kninjas

Meet our team! Our team makes our company what it is: relentlessly driven, smart and innovative, compassionate, customer-focused, and mission-driven!

Our team members bring top domain expertise in innovation strategy, behavioral science, data science, software engineering, game design, user experience design, corporate human capital, and higher education.

We’re building a world-class company guided by the pursuit of excellence and the mission to build technology that helps people build better lives.

Knack global braintrust

The Global Braintrust on Economic Opportunity in the Digital Economy brings together the best minds from government, academia, business, education, and the social sector to provide scientific, strategic, and practical input to inform Knack’s mission and roadmap.

The Braintrust’s domains of knowledge and expertise will include policy development, brain and behavioral science, human capital development, behavioral economics, work and organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, poverty and scarcity, development economics, data science, media, and finance.