The Knacks


Each knack is powered by a powerful algorithm that consumes and analyzes game-play data in real time, measuring one’s talents, traits, competencies, and career and educational aptitudes.

KnackUp users can view their top seven knacks, powerknacks, and superknacks, getting rich scientific insight to help them find their talents, chart their direction, and take the right actions.

Businesses, educators, and non-profits can use the business app to view the data to identify, hire, develop and empower the right talent.



Beliefs and perceptions about yourself and the world around you


How you evaluate options and choose your course of action

Social and emotional intelligence

Your approach to social and interpersonal situations

Character and leadership

How you carry yourself and influence others


How you reason and problem-solve


How you use your original thoughts and ideas


Powerknacks are unique bundles of underlying knacks that indicate valuable competencies.

Business Transformation and the Digital Economy

People Orientation and Team Collaboration

Execution and Results Orientation

Leadership and Vision


Superknacks are unique clusters of knacks and powerknacks that indicate one’s potential for success in particular educational fields and careers.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Finance and Banking

Engineering and Technology

Sales and Retail

Logistics and Manufacturing

Human Resources and Professional Support

Building and Design

Communications and Law

Social and Public Service



Actuarial and Insurance

Health and Beauty


Facilities and Transportation

Food and Beverage

Hospitality and Customer Service


Customized to identify people with the highest potential for success at your company, Ultraknacks target talent for high performance in specific jobs (eg, sales, engineering) and programs (eg, entry level programs, leadership development programs), and for strong alignment with your organizational culture. Contact us at to learn more and get the Ultraknack edge.

  • Finance

  • Technology Interns

  • Operations

  • Management Trainees

  • Marketing

  • Tech Innovators

  • Customer Care

  • Game Changers