Knack for unlocking the world’s potential


Knack for business

Knackalytics brings the magic of games, state-of-the-art behavioral science, and machine intelligence to give every business, in every market and however small, the power of using predictive data analytics to reach new talent pools, attract, engage, recruit, and hire the right talent, build strong teams, develop employees for the future and help them plan their careers, discover leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation talent, build critical talent pipelines, and transform workforce and business outcomes.

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Knack for people

The free Knack app blends mobile games, cutting-edge science, and powerful computing into an awesome digital experience that gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to discover their talent and reach their potential for education and career success. The app creates a new pathway to education and employment opportunities for everyone, including socially and economically disadvantaged people who, until now, were left behind.


Knack for education

Knackalytics gives educators, schools, colleges, and training providers the power to engage students and learners, discover their hidden talents, help them identify their path to fulfilling academic and professional success, and transform education outcomes at scale.

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