Everyone has talent.
We have a knack for finding it.
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About Knack

We believe in your potential.

Knack’s breakthrough technology uncovers your talents, traits and skills, and reveals the strengths that make you stand out—all from the way you play games.

Finding out your “knacks” is the first step. Then share them with the world, so you can connect with people on a new level of personal insight, employers can seek you out, and opportunity can find you.

We built Knack because we know everyone has the potential for a rewarding career and fulfilling life, and matching talent to opportunity helps individuals thrive and communities grow.

Making this happen is our mission. corporation

Knack Games

Games are pure fun—they cater to the inner child in each of us. We are wired to play, and, when captivated by games’ inherent power to engage, motivate and reward, we show our truest selves.

Unique because they promote a state of “flow”, games are natural, immersive environments that allow people to showcase themselves in an authentic way, unencumbered by the “noise” and barriers of bias, stereotypes and prejudices.

The shift to mobile has made games universally accessible, and because they appeal to people across cultures, ethnicities, age, gender, and socio-economic status, they can help level the playing field.

What if, while unlocking “achievements”, you could also learn about yourself, find your true strengths, and get on a path to self-awareness, opportunity, and success?

Our games are going to change the game. Go ahead and play! at the appstore at google play corporation

Business Knack

Leading companies use Knack to help them solve their mission-critical challenge: identifying innovation, business, engineering, product and leadership talent that will propel them into the future.

Knack zeroes in on the unique patterns of behavior that make your top performers successful—so you can spot future superstars inside your company, or out.

“Without ever seeing the ideas, without meeting or interviewing the people who’d proposed them, without knowing their title or background or academic pedigree, Knack’s algorithm had identified the people whose ideas had panned out.”
~Shell Executive, to
The Atlantic

We’re striking true partnerships with our customers. Using our technology, data-driven mindset and scientific expertise, we work closely to solve their most critical problems—and transform their organizations. Their success is our success.

i’m fascinated! corporation

The Science of Knack

Knack leverages state-of-the-art behavioral science to design mobile games that explore how you think, perceive, respond, plan, strategize, react, problem-solve, adapt, learn, persist and perform in a multitude of situations and dynamic environments.

Our innovative technology focuses on how you play, not your score. Whether you dive right in or ponder each move, your gameplay produces a high-volume data-stream that paints a powerful, high-resolution portrait of your knacks. Using machine-learning algorithms, we decode patterns of gameplay data that pinpoint your strengths, uncover opportunities for success, and chart promising education and career paths.

We put our knacks through a rigorous vetting process, testing and confirming their accuracy in large and diverse groups of people. By targeting knacks that predict success and achievement, we identify and recommend the right opportunities for you—including some you might find surprising—so you can make the best choices and tap into your own potential. corporation

The Knacks

As you play, our proprietary algorithms work to uncover your “knacks”—your personality traits, natural strengths, soft skills, creativity, risk-taking, and much more—and identify your most promising career directions and job opportunities.

Knacks aren’t earned by reaching a certain score in the game—they are revealed by how you play. There is no advantage to experienced gamers; we ensure our algorithms use only behavioral signals that predict outcomes accurately for everyone.

The more you play, the better we get to know you, so we can help you find a path to fulfillment and success, in your element.

see the knacks
Potential. Realized.

Game Changers

These companies are leading the way in the Knack revolution.

  • amex uses knack!
  • capco uses knack!
  • ghirardelli uses knack!
  • solera uses knack!

“We got our own top-performing project managers to play the games, building profiles we can compare with all the players in Knack’s system. When we find matches, we will send a text telling players they’ve been matched with a job at Capco, and asking if they want to apply.“
Patrick Gormley, Partner and COO, Capco
. . .

“Ghirardelli Restaurant & Retail partnered with Knack to hire the right talent for our retail locations across the United States. We see the Knack product as a revolutionary step in recruiting.”
Yvo Smit, VP of Restaurant & Retail, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

The Knack Team

Our team, based in Palo Alto, California, has expertise in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, big data and data science, computer science and software engineering, game design, and user-experience design. Our intense focus on our users, our relentless pursuit of excellence, and our mission-driven science and engineering sets us apart.

We’re building technology for a bright future. And this is just the beginning.

  • Al Roth
    Alvin E. Roth, PhD
    Economist, Applied Game Theory
    Expert in market design
    Nobel prize winner in Economics, 2012
  • Mark Howorth
    Mark Howorth, MBA
    Business Advisor
    Chief Operating Officer, Panavision
    Partner, Bain & Company
    Senior Director of Global Recruiting, Bain
    CEO, National Mobile Television
    Harvard, MBA
    Berkeley, BS
  • Erik Brynjolfsson
    Erik Brynjolfsson, PhD
    Business Advisor
    Director, Digital Business Center, MIT
    Member, MIT Computer Science and AI Lab
    Director, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)
    MIT, PhD, Managerial Economics
    Harvard, MS, Decision Science
    Harvard, AB, Applied Mathematics
  • Guy Halftek
    Guy Halfteck
    Harvard University, SJD
    Columbia University, LLM
    Hebrew University, LLB
    Vice Commander, Israeli Navy
  • John Funge
    John Funge, PhD
    Director of Engineering, Netflix
    Co-founder, AiLive
    University of Toronto, PhD, Computer Science
    Oxford University, MS, Computation
    King’s College, London, BS, Math
    Author, Artificial Intelligence for Games
  • Chris Chabris
    Chris Chabris, PhD
    Director of R&D
    Professor of Psychology, Union College
    Harvard, PhD, Cognitive Psychology
    Harvard, AB, Computer Science
    Author, The Invisible Gorilla
  • Jeremy Gray
    Jeremy Gray, PhD
    Senior R&D Scientist
    Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Michigan State
    Professor of Cognitive Psychology, Yale University
    Harvard, PhD, Cognitive Psychology
    UC Santa Cruz, BS, Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Thomas Jerde
    Thomas Jerde, MS
    Senior Data Scientist | R&D Manager
    Brown University, BS, Neuroscience
    Brown University, BA, Music, Philosophy
    Harvard University, Researcher, Neuroscience
    Stanford University, Neuroscience Program
    NSF and NIH National Research Service Award
  • Chris Carroll
    Chris Carroll, PhD
    Data Scientist
    Post Doctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon
    UCLA, PhD, Cognitive Psychology
    UCLA, MA, Cognitive Psychology
    Carnegie Mellon, BS, Cognitive Science
  • Ranjani Prabhakaran
    Ranjani Prabhakaran, PhD
    Enterprise Data Manager / R&D Scientist
    University of Pennsylvania, PhD, Psychology
    Brown University, BS, Neuroscience
    Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale University,
    Cognitive Neuroscience
    Instructor, Yale University, Cognitive Neuroscience
    Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institute of Mental Health
  • Jacob Juan
    Jacob Juan
    Game Artist | Visual Designer
    University of Texas, BA, Economics
    Academy of Arts University, Art
    Lead Modeler and Artist, Anatomy Tools
    Lead Artist, Shattered Reality Interactive
  • Steve Woyach
    Steve Woyach
    Game Producer | Game Designer
    USC, BS, Computer Science
    Producer, Liquid Entertainment
    Teaching Assistant, Video Game Design, USC
  • Chris Carroll
    Sherri Flippo, SPHR, CEP
    Chief of Staff
    UCLA, BA, Economics
    Office Manager, Suitable Technologies
    Office Manager & HR Manager, AiLive
  • Michelle Earle
    Michelle Earle, PhD
    Enterprise Business Manager
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD, Neuroscience
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS,
    Brain and Cognitive Sciences
    Associate Vice President, Maguire Associates, Inc.
  • eric liu
    Eric Liu
    Senior Software Engineer
    Wuhan University of Technology, BS, Computer Science
    Technical Director, Neusoft, Santa Clara, CA
  • gretchen mcdougall
    Gretchen McDougall
    Graphic and Web Design, Copywriting

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