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“I absolutely love it and will enjoy seeing it growing successfully.”

Andrea Lupu
Lead Human Resources Manager, Caterpillar
“Wonderful feedback from candidates for the fun experience and positive first impression of us as employers.”

Janhavi Malhotra
Assistant Human Resources Manager, Taj Hotels & Resorts
“This is a genius tool.
Well done :)”

Michele Sassano
Director of Sales, Swarovski
“Knack increased significantly our recruitment efficiency and productivity. We now put less value on academic background, and emphasize the individual’s potential to perform successfully.”

Rino Piazzolla
Head of Group Human Resources, AXA Group
“Knack enabled us to define the competencies of the students we were looking for, bringing us into contact with the right talent—simplifying the process dramatically, at a fraction of the cost we could otherwise have imagined.”

Jonathan Heywood
Leadership Development & Group Academy, Group HR, Generali Group
“Without ever seeing the ideas, without meeting or interviewing the people who’d proposed them, without knowing their title or academic pedigree, Knack’s algorithm had identified the people whose ideas had panned out. What Knack is doing is a paradigm shift.”

Hans Haringa
former innovation executive, Royal Dutch Shell
“Knack cannot be ignored as a player in this space now and in the future.”

Stuart Mease
Executive Director Student Advancement and Career Services, Virginia Tech
“We know this is a game changer in our field and can’t wait to get it out there.”

Eddie Brambila
Managing Director, Partnerships, Illinois Student Assistance Commission
“I love, love, love the product!”

Lisa Dillon, PhD
Academic Director, Detroit Medical Center


Knack for business

Technology innovation is the only way to win. Knackalytics combines the magic of games, the rigor of science, and the insight of machine-intelligent data analytics to give every company the power to transform how they reach new talent pools, attract and engage future employees, recruit and hire the best talent, build strong teams, develop employees for the future and help them manage their career paths, discover leadership, entrepreneurship and innovation talent, build critical talent pipelines, and rapidly improve workforce performance and business outcomes.

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Knack for people

The free Knack app blends mobile games, cutting-edge science, and smart technology into an awesome experience that gives people from all walks of life the power to discover their talents and reach their potential for success. The app creates a new pathway to education and employment for every person, including socially and economically disadvantaged people who until now were unfairly left behind.


Knack for education

Knackalytics gives educators, schools, colleges, and training providers the power to engage students and learners, discover their hidden talents, help them identify their path to fulfilling academic and professional success, and transform education outcomes at scale.

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