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Knack uses mobile games to match people to opportunity. And it’s free. As you play, our algorithms tap into the power of games, crunching every bit of gameplay data to pinpoint your strengths and identify possible paths to success. You can find your talent and broadcast your potential, and connect with educational opportunities and jobs.

Everyone can have a rewarding career and fulfilling life, and helping people play to their strengths empowers them, and helps their families thrive and communities grow.

We believe in you, and helping you reach your potential is our mission.

  • “5 stars for implementing an idea I had.”
    App Store review, KnackUp
  • “Just tried Knack. It’s unbelievable!”

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  • “Excellent games and on-target knacks.”
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For business

Knack helps businesses all over the world solve their most critical challenge—attracting, hiring, developing and empowering top talent. Tapping into the appeal of mobile games, insight of behavioral neuroscience, and power of big data, Knack enables you to identify the right people—quickly, consistently and repeatedly—at web scale.

Whether you’re a global enterprise or a small domestic business, using the Knack Business App is straightforward: as people play, our algorithms predict potential in real time so you can make the right decisions and hire the right talent. Powerful, yet simple.


  • “A revolution in recruiting.”

    Yvo Smit, VP of Restaurant & Retail, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
  • “Amazing company—schools and students should take advantage of their cutting-edge technology.”
    Dawn Ross, Director of Career Services, Framingham State University
  • “I work closely with AB InBev and they told me about it. What a great tool.”

    CEO, London-based media strategy company


For educators

We built Knack to help people find the right jobs. Students, learners, and trainees in high schools, colleges, universities, and workforce training programs are matched to opportunities—including some they may not have even have considered—based on their potential rather than their credentials.

Leading employers are using Knack in their campus, online, and social recruiting to find talent, with more companies getting on board every day.

Schools are making Knack available to their students and alumni to help them discover their strengths, develop self awareness, map their options, and jump-start their careers by getting hired into the jobs best suited to their talents.

And, as part of our company’s global social mission, Knack is free to all schools and students.


For good

Knack uses its breakthrough, scalable technology to provide disadvantaged, marginalized and poor people around the world with an empowering gateway to social and economic mobility. Helping people anywhere find, grow and use their talent, and live life to their full potential will increase their well-being, break persistent cycles of poverty, and make them hopeful about the future.

Hope is one of the most powerful resources people can tap into. Technology, connectivity, and mobility can, and, we believe, should play a key role in producing hope at global scale. Knack aims to unlock the talents of the next Billion Minds, replace cycles of poverty with cycles of hope, and fundamentally alter life trajectories and socio-economic outcomes for all.

Two recent projects produced unprecedented data and insight about the talent hidden in disadvantaged populations—Project Hope working with students in the Philippines, and the Impact Hiring project, whose paper and data will be released this month, focusing on unemployed youth in the U.S.


Billion Minds is our audacious plan to unlock the potential of the world’s poor and underserved, and give them the chance to choose their own future.

We believe technology should make everyone’s lives better, and people from disadvantaged areas have skills that can be unlocked and put to use, filling the critical talent gap—crucial for business growth and mitigating the impacts of poverty.

TechHire is a bold public-private initiative to empower Americans with the skills they need for the half-million well-paying jobs available in fields like software development, network administration, and cybersecurity.

Using universities and community colleges as well as coding “boot camps” and online courses, TechHire partners will train workers to fill the critical need for employees with these skills.

Upskill America is an employer-led movement to expand economic opportunity for America’s workers.

As employers are struggling to find skilled workers, tens of millions of people in low-wage jobs could be trained to fill more challenging roles but lack a clear career path and have little access to career-relevant training.





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